Gray Hair, Don’t Care

At the ripe age of thirty-wonderful and headed to thirty-two-riffic I finally found my first gray hair. At first I had a crisis. What does this mean? (Yank!) Then day 2 I found another. I know more aren’t far behind. I know, people much younger than me that have gone gray and dyed their hair to cover it up, and maybe that will be my choice after too many pop their way into the world. But for now, I have decided to age gracefully. Accept my wrinkles and my gray hair as a sign of being weathered, experienced, and cultured. I have lived enough in this life to have lived many lives and a gray hair is something I should welcome, like my new love of over sized cardigans and NPR. I have to get stronger glasses, my shoulders can’t quite get comfortable in bed anymore and I need to start taking MORE vitamins than usual to keep my bones and teeth strong.

long gray hair

Me in 30 years.

Here it is, signs of aging. They seem to happen all at once, like car problems and friends having babies. You can’t see have just one instance at a time, there needs to be a snowball effect. But you know what? If a gray hair makes me accept the stage of life I’m in and grow up, eat healthier, read more books, get more sleep, have tea before bed, then so be it. I’m happy being a lady in my thirties (who still gets carded) and I will sure be able to handle all the future has to give me.

While I’m at it, here’s an article on Aging Gracefully. 

Happy Aging (like a fine wine!)

DIY Fabric Flower Bouquet

So with only 7 months left till my wedding, I’m in DIY mode for the crafts that need to get started. I want to make the bridesmaid’s bouquets out of fabric scraps that I have laying around, and after MUCH research on how to assemble, I’ve come up with the cheapest way to do this.

fabric bouquets

This is my inspiration for the bouquets. Check the link for the wedding, it’s gorgeous!

fabric flowers 3

I started to make piles and piles of fabric flowers to get ready to assemble the bouquets.

fabric flowers 4

Here are more of the flowers too. I got the tutorial for these flowers here.

fabric flowers felt

I made little felt rolled flowers based off of this DIY.

I looked up many ways to assemble the bouquet, and the cheapest way I found was to buy styrofoam balls off of Amazon (6″ balls at $4 a piece) to glue the flowers onto. I will also get wooden dowels that are 1/2″ across at the hardware store, and cut them to about 8″, drill a hole in the foam balls and glue the dowel into the ball. I will glue the flowers to the ball and wrap the dowel in burlap and ribbon. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but when I do I will post about it.

DIY Snap Cowl

For a while now I have loved these snap scarves from System63 on Etsy  and wanted to make one for myself. Recently a friend gave me some of her old leather scraps and another person gave me some soft wool and I finally had what I needed!

snap cowl

System63 Has some amazing stuff. Perfect for fall.

snap cowl black

The inspiration!


My scarf!


I liked it so much I made 3 different ones. I would love to sell these on Etsy since I wanted to share my items, but don’t know if I should sell a mock up of someone else’s creation.


Here’s one made with soft wool and cotton lining. All of the fabrics were given to me from friends, and the leather trim is actually a sleeve from a suede jacket.

I hope you can find inspiration from Etsy, or Pinterest and make your own creations! Happy Sewing!


Furniture Rescue: Sewing Table

A good friend of mine offered me this sewing table about 2 plus years ago that she found on the curb during bulk trash pickup. She sent me a picture asking if I wanted it, and since I love a good project, I took it. It sat around collecting dust for a while, since I lived in an apartment unable to really refinish furniture. I then moved to a duplex where it was still not very easy to refinish furniture, but one day I took it outside and sanded it down. Until recently when I joked with my fiancé about how it only took 2 years to get this far, and it may take 2 more to finish it did I realize how lazy I was being. I had free time. I had supplies. What was holding me back? So now that we live in a house it was easy to just take the piece outside and finish the sanding and staining!


This is the before photo. I got new knobs at Hobby Lobby. The finish was so old it was literally flaking off.

Table Before

Finally got it sanded and it’s super splotchy. I decided to use Minwax’s “Espresso” to hide the imperfections so I didn’t have to sand it to death.

Table with new stain

The stain isn’t as dark or as black as I was hoping, but it pulled out the woodgrain beautifully.

Finished Table

After countless hours of sanding, a coat of stain and 2 coats of polyurethane it turned out great!

Finished Table with Knobs

I got these knobs at Hobby Lobby for only $2.36 each! They are super bohemian and I love them.

Finished Table 2

I’m so glad this project is done! I love the finished product, and for only the price of stain and knobs, about $20 total! Happy refinishing!

Easy DIY: Headphone Roll Up

I don’t know if you’re like me, and carry headphones with you everywhere. You don’t know when you’ll be in the store, and there are screaming kids and loud noises, and would love to just listen to your music instead of the sweet jams of the department store speakers. But the problem is, my purse knows how to make 75 Navy grade knots out of my headphones and every time I want to use them, I spend a solid 5 minutes un-tangling them. So I came up with a solution… Yes, you can use a rubber band for this too, but this way saves you so much time!


Here’s what I used: A bit of leather and a snap!


This cute little piece of leather is only 3″ long, and all I did was add a snap to it.


I give my headphones a little roll up…


…flip one side over…


…and snap it shut! It’s that easy. And my headphones fit into my purse, no fuss, and have never gotten tangled since. I know this craft isn’t DIY for everyone, you need the materials. But how about velcro? A hair elastic? The possibilities are out there! Happy organizing!