Home Made Halloween Costume : Peacock

This year I (very last minute) decided to make my own costume. I decided to be a peacock, since I had some things at home I could use to make the costume. I had certian things laying around that most people usually don’t, so I had an adva ntage over some. I had this blue dress with a sparkly bottom, green velvet fabric, blue tights, and peacock feathers. All I had to buy was blue eyeshadow, feathery eye lashes, and a few tall peacock feathers from the craft store to complete the outfit! Oh, and I had to buy pipe cleaners, and blue pom poms to make a little head piece, because I did NOT have those things. But turns out I tied with a blue haired, cupcake boobed Katy Perry for 1st place in a costume contest, so hey, it was a good night! And I didn’t spend $50 at a “Halloween Express” for a cheap, short skirted outfit. Win!

Seeing as how I already had the blue dress, I made a little green velvet corset to go over the top half, something I could glue feathers to. I glued some smaller feathers to the front, and then made a pocket in the back so I could stick the tall feathers in and make them stand up tall behind my head. I made the corset so it wrapped around and just stuck with velcro, then pinned it to my dress with safety pins so it didn’t slide down. It worked out perfectly, and held up all night! Little time spent, and very little money.

Happy Halloween!

Words of Wisdom

So, I’ve learned a thing or two in my day. I’ve had a horrible childhood, with verbal and physical abuse, struggled with the alcoholism of others, grew up very poor and insecure about who I was as a person. It’s hard to find your path when you aren’t confident about yourself or any choices you make. But over time, I’ve had to deal with most ordeals myself, and learn some important life lessons along the way. One of the reasons I’m a confident person today is because I feel I’ve been given certian gifts that have to do with design, compassion, and creativity, and I felt it a shame to not be appreciative, or to waste them. And today I was thinking that my (almost annoying to others) optimistic attitude is a huge part of life. If you look at life with a negative, pessimistic, and cynical eye, you won’t appreciate all that this life has to offer. If you are positive, optimistic, motivated, and just appreciative of life, you will see all the beauty it has to offer, and everything you do will just feel better. Here are some sayings that I draw motivation from.

Good ones, huh? I hope anyone out there that struggles with trying to figure out what this world is all about can find their motivation somewhere.

Happy Soul Searching!

Birthday Thoughts

It’s not a party without Champagne. 

With my birthday coming up, I’m trying hard to think of what to do. I’m SO unmotivated. Maybe it’s because I’m hitting the big 2-9, and being a girl, I’m making a big deal about it. (Or, not a big deal at all. As in, I’ve done nothing to make plans with anyone.) Ok, I guess it’s kind of a big deal, so I’ll start planning something. Why couldn’t I have a summer birthday?!  I could do so much more fun things! Here’s some birthday inspirations…

Theme party, for my Inner-Nerd. I’m loving these cupcakes! Hello Doctor!

I think this place setting is just so fun. Thank you Enjoy Yourself for the ideas.

I know this is from a wedding, but if I had a summer birthday, I may consider having a yard party. Or, since I’m in an apartment, a court-yard party.

Who needs cake when you can have this cupcake?

Twist my arm, If someone wants to make me this Genoise Layer Cake with Rum Syrup and Whip Cream Topping, You won’t force me to eat it. Thank you Martha Stewart!

But since I know me the best, above all the hoop-la, I really just wouldn’t mind getting away, going somewhere and making an adventure. THEN I’ll come home and have a little get together at a local pub, with my closest friends. I still have a week and a half to figure it out. Happy Birthday!

Home Made Sweatshirt Idea

I saw this awesome Sweater on Pinterest, which lead me back to Etsy, and I thought, hey, I can do that! So I went out to the local Goodwill, and got myself an XL sweater with no front pocket or zipper, and got to work! I got some buttons that you cover yourself with fabric at the Hobby Lobby, and had some extra printed cotton at home, and that was all I needed.




My finished Product:

I didn’t have room to cut the sweater and sew pieces together like in the Etsy one, so I just sewed lines across the sweat shirt in a crooked fashion to achieve a similar look. The neck square is made from excess I took out of the front of the sweater when I cut it down to fit me. I also had excess fabric from the armpit area when I altered that to fit as well. Otherwise I would have had those “flying squirrel” wings you get with oversized sweat shirts.

And for $5 at Goodwill and $4 for the buttons, I have a cool crafty new sweater that is super soft on the inside. I love my new cozy sweater! Happy sewing!


UPDATE: I’ve just posted a tutorial on this shirt, see it here! I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to clothing DIY also, since I love to sew and create one of a kind pieces. You can see that board here.

Happy Sewing!

Organize Tights and Ties With the Help of Beer

I woke up with the idea of how to organize my tights in my head. I know, what kind of a crazy person thinks of organizing tights in their sleep? I would like to say I don’t know, but yep, it’s me. So anyways, I’ll show you what I came up with.

Take an empty 6 pack of beer. This New Glarus one worked great because it’s sturdy and the bottle slots were bigger than some.

Mark how high you want your orgainzer to be. I picked about half the height of the holder.

Cut the holder along your designated line.

Here’s the cut tight or tie organizer.

I cut the sharp edges of the inside so I wouldn’t snag the tights.

I put tape on the bottom so the organizer was a little more sturdy. Make sure you don’t let the tape show on the inside or the tights will stick to them. Just put another piece on the inside to cover the showing tape.

Place your organizer wherever you would like. I choose my dresser drawer, the most obvious place. I started with a huge messy pile of tights, and ended up with organization. Love it!

Once you fold your tights in half, and roll them, they should fit nicely into the slots. Thick and textured tights probably won’t fit, unless you find a 6 pack of large bottles.

Happy organizing!