Verbena – The Café and Boutique?

Lately the fiancée and I have been tossing the idea around about opening a Café and Boutique. We would love to blend our passions and create a place that we can both work, and do what we love. He’s a chef / gardener and I’m a DIY enthusiast with years of Interior Design and service industry experience. After many a talk, we created the hybrid for a café where you can also shop for antiques.

The ONLY reason I’m not keeping this idea totally secret, is that I’ve started a Kickstarter for our project and need YOU my loyal readers to spread the word and help raise funding! Check out the page for full info on what kind of a magical place Verbena would be.

What would Verbena be?

  • A place with locally grown produce.
  • A place to get a fresh breakfast or lunch, and know that your food is free from GMO’s, hormones, and other harsh chemicals.
  • A place with locally roasted coffee and amazing teas.
  • A place with mismatched furniture, all second hand, but delightfully vintage.
  • A place where you can learn DIY lessons like painting, sewing, herb growing, making your own cleaning products, and other sustainable basics.
  • A place where you can go for coffee, and stay for the atmosphere.
Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

So check out the page, and help us make this dream a reality!

Thank you, and happy day dreaming!


One thought on “Verbena – The Café and Boutique?

  1. Victoria Gross Healing in Progress,

    “I look to The Hills for whence cometh my help; my help comes from the Lord”…. -Book of Psalms I am happy to receive you New Post today! Thank you. >

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