DIY Outdoor Pillows

With all of the free fabric samples I get from Interior Design studios, and things I pick up at Goodwill, and at garage sales, I’ve got a surplus of crafting supplies. I decided to take some indoor/outdoor fabric and some pillows I got free from a church and make some great outdoor pillows for my new outdoor chair.

DIY Pillows 3

The free pillows I wanted to use for my new pillows.

I used THIS awesome tutorial to make the pillows. I won’t bother replicating it since it’s such a great tutorial with pictures and everything. I didn’t use any of the glue stick though like she mentions for the zipper. I just started to sew.

The pillows measure 17″ x 17″ and I had some colorful invisible zippers I ordered on accident and wanted to use them up. They were only about 9″ so the whole pillow didn’t fit into the hole. I had to cut apart the pillows and take out the stuffing. Hence the lumpy pillows. But I don’t care!

The samples also have grommets in them like almost in the middle. That’s what fabric companies do when they send large samples to design studios so they can’t use them. Guess what? I used them! I avoided the grommets by 1″ and used grommet free pieces. I used 4 different pieces that were all in the same color family.

My new pillows!

DIY Pillows 2

And… My new hanging chair!

DIY Pillows 1

This chair was at Fleet Farm, or Farm and Fleet (wherever you live, it’s different) for only $40! And the pillows were… free! Ok, I may have paid 50 cents for the zippers. But almost free! A good book, some lavender lemonade, and I’m in for a good afternoon…

Happy DIY-ing!

On the Set Design: 27 Dresses

Ok, so (almost) every girl loves a good Rom-Com. But (almost) every designer girl loves a good Rom Com with a great setting and good design. One of my favorites is the apartment in 27 Dresses. It’s tiny, it’s chic, and it’s got great design.


The apartment (and the filming) takes place in New York city. Image credit.

27 dresses foyer

Upon entering the apartment you see great Greek columns, a dark sage green wall, and black and white vintage tile floors.

27 entry way

Here’s a better shot of the entry way.  Look how sassy they both are!

27 dresses kitchen

The kitchen. I love the vintage white cabinets, and open shelving.

27 living room

Here you see a camel back velvet sofa, vintage Chippendale style in the living room. Image Credit.

27 bath

Here is a shot of the gorgeous robin’s egg blue bathroom. Image Credit.

27 closet 2

A shot of the apartment leading into the closet. She has so many cute little antique tables. Image Credit.

The infamous dress closet. Again you see the sage green wall, wainscoting and great molding, and a wooden panel wall going into the bedroom. Image Credit.

27 living room 2

This shot taken from the living room shows a peek of the bedroom behind. It’s got an urban white painted brick wall, and upholstered headboard bed.

27 james

Image Credit.

27 desk

The workstation for the workaholic is located right in the living room too.

27 living room 4

And behind a happy Jane you see the rest of the workstation and pin up board. Image Credit.

27 living room 3

In the living room you also see the colorful sheer roman shades, the long window seat, and all of the great and stylish furniture and accessories. Image Credit.

27 living room 5

Look at this great behind the scenes shot! And those pink bedroom walls!

And since I’m obsessed with floor plans, here’s my plan for Jane’s apartment.

27 Dresses Floor plan

Happy movie watching!

The Greens, The Garden, The Greenhouse

After much talk and deliberation on what to do with our adult hoods, my fiancée  has decided to become a professional gardener. He switched careers from a professional chef, to wanting to grow the food that people cook. We talked about it and now is the time for him to follow his dreams of gardening, growing, and selling his produce to the local restaurants to help them buy, and cook local foods. It’s his way of giving back, and motivating people to know what they are eating, and eat healthy. He’s a forager, a grower, and a mad scientist of dirt.

greens 2

Matt has been growing the micro greens indoors all winter. He plans to move them into a greenhouse in our back yard. He and a business partner grow micro greens and deliver them to local restaurants that they use to garnish fancy dishes. The wheat-grass is delivered to a local health food restaurant, which they juice for customers to drink in smoothies, or as a shot.

greens 1

Watering the garden.

greens 3

When I visit him at the indoor garden, I get bored sometimes because gardening isn’t really my thing.

greenhouse 1

We borrowed two of these storage hoop house frames from his family to put up in the yard. He ordered thick clear plastic to put over the tops, and a shade cloth for hot days. Matt and his friends then added grommets to the plastic to tie it to the greenhouse along the bottom with cable ties, and has left one side only attached to the greenhouse with bungee cords so he can roll it up when it gets too hot outside. He plans to rototiller the yard on the left of the greenhouse to plant in the ground.

Greenhouse 2

The greenhouse is up and running! The seed starters he started indoors under artificial light will be brought out here, and then put in the ground when they are ready. He’s started tomatoes, kale, spinach, and other great veggies. He’s got a few space heaters and fans in the greenhouse, and plans to move all of the indoor greens out here too. One location for everything will make his job easier!

Next: foraging for wild ramps and morels!

My Name is Roxanne, and I am a Francophile

a person who is fond of or greatly admires France or the French

It has come to my attention over the years that I have a slight obsession with the French culture. Some of my favorite movies are Amelie, Midnight in Paris, and A Good Year. I loved Ratatouille, (the film about the mouse chef in Paris), so much so that I own the movie and soundtrack. I listen to French Jazz stations on Spotify all the time, and even took French in High School, remembering very little after 15+ years.

As a women who has to dress herself, I’m drawn to the simple French Street Style of jeans, flats, and a plain T-Shirt. Half of my wardrobe is Black because it goes with everything, and my favorite accessory is my gold necklace with two little feathers, one gold and one ivory.

French Wardrobe

This pretty much IS my closet.  This collection was inspired by Parisian Street Styles. It’s all about comfort, and timeless simplicity. These women do a LOT of walking, so shoes need to be comfortable.

Now as an Interior Designer, I realize I am always drawn to French design, the look and feel of a countryside Chateau, and dream of visiting Paris and the southern French lavender fields. What about this culture is so exciting to someone from Wisconsin, that doesn’t even have a passport?


It’s the feeling you get when you imagine bundles of dried lavender, ratty wicker baskets filled with striped linens, wooden chairs on a stone patio surrounded by friends, fresh foods, and bottles of wine.

flea markets

I would be in heaven, and bankruptcy if I went to these French Flea Markets. I try to re-create these looks here, with trips to the Antique store, craft fairs, and thrift shops. The best part about the French look, it’s not brand new, and that look can save you money!

French Window View

Every photo of Parisian apartments I find look like this. Wood floors, iron rails on the windows, wood, shutters, views of vintage apartments, and or / the Eiffel Tower.

My favorite French Blogs:

Manger Kitchen

This photo is from Mimi Thorisson, the blog writer and owner for Manger. A blog about cooking, french food, and family. I’m in love with her kitchen, and her photographs of food!

Chateau De gougans

This photo is from Chateau de Gudanes, and the Australian couple that bought the 17th century French chateau and have slowly been remodeling. I have dreams of doing this someday.

And then there’s the architecture! France is much older than the United States, and the architecture has been around much longer, and is much more detailed.

Architecture of Paris

Clockwise: Paris Opera House, Elysee Palace, Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum.

So of course I’ve romanticized my love of France, and Paris, but I think that’s ok. I live in Wisconsin, and dreaming of a vacation to another country is something I’ve wanted for a long time. Where would you go if you could choose anywhere in the world?

On the Set Design: Jamie’s Apartment in Friends With Benefits

In the 2011 movie “Friends with Benefits,” Mila Kunis’s character Jamie and Justin Timberlake’s character Dylan meet, become friends, then more, hence the title of the movie. And in true Hollywood form, there’s conflict between them only because of their underlying feelings for each other that they are suppressing due to past hurts, they argue, they work it out, they fall in love, the end! (Did I spoil anything that wasn’t implied?) The movie was way better then it’s twin, “No Strings” staring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It was pretty much the same movie as FWB with half the wit and none of the realistic emotions. One of my favorite parts of FWB is Jamie’s apartment.

It’s a vintage, eclectic, and antique filled, super huge Manhattan apartment is full of spring colors, tons and tons and tons of lamps, and long flowing drapes. I’m in love.


Entry 1

When Jamie opens the door, you see a great detailed mirror behind her, and a reflection of a wall sconce.

Entry 2

I love the vintage looking (or Chalk Painted?) cabinet behind the door. There is no shortage of wall scones here.

Entry 3

Behind Jamie and Dylan you see an awesome vintage framed Cuba poster, and Ikea floating shelves full of books and knick knacks. To the left is the entry door.

BASE photos of JAMIES - 67

This photo from Cindy Coburn shows a more professional shot of the entry. I don’t know who needs 2 desks, but Jamie must be a pretty busy person.

Living Room

Living Room 1

The living room is huge. And count the lamps: 5 lamps and 3 wall sconces. I’d hate to see her electric bill.

Living Room 2

In this shot you see the entry to a gorgeous brick patio to the left, and the kitchen to the right. And yes that window goes to the kitchen.

Living Room 4

There are so many pieces of vintage furniture here. I love the light green painted table on the left of the bench, and the wall and trim colors.

Living Room 5

Here you can see how she moved the TV to watch a movie from the sofa. It must be on a rolling cart. You can also see the window to the kitchen here better, and it looks like tile work on the kitchen floor.

Living Room 6

Here you can see the shutters on the windows, the long floor to ceiling drapes, and the spilled popcorn.

Living Room 7

Everything looks second hand, from the bamboo coffee table, the green ceramic lamps, the green painted cabinet in the background, and the one cushion, blue velvet sofa.

Living Room 8

I love the color scheme, the honey brown candles, the knit throw blanket.

Living Room 9

I love the light green chair behind her mom, and the tall glass door hutch in the corner. I can’t decide if there are too many window treatments here. Drapes, shutters, and matchstick blinds.

SC - 82, 83pts - Jamie finds note o fridge - 02

In this professional photo the room is tidy, and well lit. You can see the parquet floors, the design on the rug, and a basket of blankets by the fireplace.

Jamie Living Room

Here’s my assumed plan for the living room based on watching the movie and seeing screen shots.


Kitchen 1

This kitchen is small, but has all of the room it needs. I don’t think I would want to see the toilet from my kitchen (in design school, it was a faux pas.)

Kitchen 2

A close up.

Kitchen 3

From this shot you can tell the kitchen has a cut out into a hall behind it, that you rarely see, except from Jamie’s bedroom. There is also a door onto the patio from the kitchen, which I think is valuable kitchen space that could have been used, and the door to the patio could have been in the living room.


Bedroom 1

In the first scene where you see the bedroom (and more) you aren’t really looking at the bedroom, for obvious reasons. But upon closer inspection, you see more floor to ceiling drapes, in a dark peacock green/blue, more tiny shaded wall sconces, and a view right out to the patio and through to the living room.

Bedroom 3

Here’s a closer shot of the adorable gold vintage headboard and the poster above the bed. “It Happened One Night” is an amazing movie, if you haven’t seen it, DO!

Bedroom 2

In this shot you see the door into the bedroom on the right, and the bathroom on the left. Out of the door you can see down the hallway that you don’t otherwise see.

Bedroom 4

Here you can see out onto the patio from the bedroom.


Is ANYONE ELSE obsessed with finding this robe?

Bathroom 1

Here’s a closer shot of the bathroom. It’s clear where the toilet is here.

SC - 82, 83pts - Jamie finds note o fridge - 27

Here’s a set photo of the bedroom from the patio. You can see the tufted bench at the end of the bed.

BASE photos of JAMIES - 12

In this shot you see the whole closet.

And because this is what I do (Interior Design), I see movies and think of floor plans. This is my assumed plan for her bedroom.

Jamie Bedroom FWB

And after much (oddly obsessive) movie watching, here’s my assumed apartment plan:

Jamie's Apartment

What movies inspire you? Happy viewing!