IdealFit 15 Challange

In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve decided to give a challenge a go. My bestie came to me with the idea of this 15 day challenge that Trainer Lindsey from IdealFit has presented to women. There’s a meal plan for those 15 days, depending on your weight, which you have to follow almost EXACTLY, and there’s workouts associated with days 1-15, with a break in the middle. How hard can it be?


I’ve had the opportunity to download the meal plan, the food you can and can’t have, and the workout list, and it’s kind of hard! Well, the planning is hard. The first two and last two days of food is the same. The meal planning is pretty simple for those first 2 days, you just have to figure out what you need for those two days, and cook enough on day one to last you through day 2. Then it gets tricky… There’s 3 different sets of meals for the other 11 days that you can choose from. As long as you eat those foods, breakfast through dessert, in those 11 days, you’ll be fine. Now, with meal planning and prep, My friend and I decided to do 3 days of one meal plan, 4 days of another, and 4 days of another. Then we can prep food for 4 days, the day before. It’s WORK. And science, converting grams to oz, and oz to pounds. I went through the ENTIRE plan and figured out a grocery list that will get me through the 2 weeks. Here is that list —> Groceries Ideal 15

I spent about $40 on chicken, greens, and veggies and berries, $8 on corn tortillas, cereal, and rice cakes, and $10 I gave to my friend for splitting things with me. I also spent $10 on a pound of top sirloin. I also buy everything organic! The only thing I have left to get is another steak for days 10-13. I already had the vanilla protein powder, and she gave me scoops of chocolate protein that she had for some of the meals.  That’s about $68 for 2 weeks. And with the additional steak I’ll get, it’s about $78 total. So $40 a week? Not bad!

We also found a calendar that you can edit to keep track of the meals, and I’ve edited it to my plan. Here is the document! —> 15 Day Fit Body Challenge Meal Plan Calendar

I also made a prep list of what to make for which days, so I can prep meals in advance, and just grab them out of the fridge. Especially since I’ll be eating 2 of my 6 meals at work! Ideal 15 Prep List

Fit Challenge

Sign up here! 

I think the real challenge here will be drinking the recommended gallon of water a day… It’s hard enough to drink 64 oz that I try and drink in a day. I KNOW it’s only 15 days and I can’t expect drastic results, but with the high protein, lots of veggies, and low carb food plan, it will help me to eat better, plan ahead, and jump start my fitness routine.

Wish me luck!

23 thoughts on “IdealFit 15 Challange

  1. Busybee says:

    Awesome! Take a look at Cherie Fields on social media: FB, etc. She took on a personal stance and never looked back.

    Prayer & Personal mind chats helps me; and once I get past the daily chronic pain throughout my body. I swim with pain and try to prepare my mind to keep me going through.

    You can do it young lady! 👏👏👏

  2. Reanna says:

    And now we’re working our way through day 9! Only 6 days left. We totally got this! The meal prepping/planning is getting way easier. ( I think) Sore but feeling good with lots of energy and positive thoughts.

  3. kerri says:

    I just came across this challenge, and signed up to start on Monday. I’m anxious to start, but also a bit curious as I haven’t been able to find any real reviews of it anywhere. Have you lost any weight/inches yet?

    • roxanneh says:

      I’m 10 days in and haven’t lost weight, but that’s not an indicator if you’re actually getting fit. I have lost 1.5″ around the hips and .5″ around my arms. I haven’t found many reviews either, but I think it’s pretty new. The diet is super high maintenance with all of the food prep involved but once you get the hang of what you need for your days it’s easier. Best of luck and let me know if you have any other questions!

    • roxanneh says:

      Yes this did work for me! I did the 15 day challenge then the 12 week challenge by trainer Lindsay and I lost 23 lbs and gained a lot of muscle and confidence!

      • Melissa says:

        That’s amazing! I’m finishing the 15 day challenge on Monday and took a look at the 12 week plan…the workouts didn’t seem as faced pace when I took a look. Did you find you enjoyed the workouts from the 15 day better?

      • roxanneh says:

        I did enjoy the 15 day workouts better only because they are more intense, but the 12 week challenge was something I would recommend and loved! The 15 day workouts are actually what I do on a regular basis now as my “fitness routine” I created for myself, I just don’t follow the food plan as strictly. Good for you for doing the challenge too!

    • roxanneh says:

      Nope! I got something similar, I had a pre workout amino and a vegan protein shake like Vega or Orgain before working out and a vegan protein after and followed her meal plan.

      • Janale Larson says:

        Thanks for the info! I want sure about the products and wanted to try what I have used before. Great work! I look forward to having the same results!

    • Melissa says:

      I didn’t purchase them either – and went from 133 to 122 in 2 months – just doing moderate carb cycling and the 15 Day as well as Betty Rocker -her 30 day challenge – Make Fat Cry – is what really helped me get leaner.

  4. Liz says:

    I myself have completed 2 rounds of the 15day challenge and recently started lindseys 6week challenge. Once you get accustomed to food prepping its super easy. Also realizing you dont have to follow her actual cooking recipes for your meats and fish. Its a great program to lose weight and especially inches, i learned a great deal about macro counting and this is a lifestyle change no longer a diet. A great way to slim down gradually, tone and keep it off. Highly recommend it to everyone, the workouts are great and change daily.

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